Centralia TRiO Student Support Services

Centralia's TRiO Student Support Services supports the success of Centralia's students pursuing a degree or certificate. The programs serve 220 students per year, providing access to resources designed to help students graduate from Centralia and/or prepare to transfer if their goals include pursuing a bachelor's degree. Read More . . . 


Friends, School, Sleep. Pick Two.

You've made the financial investment in your education. Now you need to make the time. To be successful in school, you'll have to give up something. Here's an article from Scholarship.com that helps you review your choices. Contributed by Lisa Wilson.

Moving on to a University

OSU campus

With campus visits happening, it's time to be thinking about where you'll transfer. Read this article from US News for tips on transferring to a university.

Welcome to Centralia College!

It's that time again...leaves are about to start turning gorgeous colors, there's a fresh smell in the air and a new school year is already here! I love the changes as summer slips into fall and the excitement of students returning to pursue their dreams.

If this is your first year in TRiO you'll discover our staff is eager to help you create a successful college experience. You are one of only about 100 students chosen from over 400 applicants to participate in TRiO...and participation is the key!

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